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Available in two different versions, according to their engines: 290/296 Drills offer high efficiency and reliability. 

For intensive use, specially in the rental sector; all requirements have been put in its design to offer the maximum drilling power with the most demanding protection measures for the equipment and operator.

  • Integral aluminium construction: Excellent mechanical and thermal resistance.
  • Electronic control: Improvement in security conditions, operator’s comfort and engine’s useful life.
    • Soft-Start: it permits a soft and progressive engine start.
    • Intelligent control of overloads, with immediate automatic reset system.
    • Permanent measurement of the temperature of the engine, disconnecting it if it exceeds the working temperature. 
  • Water cooling. Exclusive water flow system between the protection case and the engine case. Maximizing the equipment’s performance andlightness (Code 290).
  • Engine clutch. Unintentional blocking protection.
  • Recommended stand for: Drill Code 296 ➞ Stand Code 2978.
                                         Drill Code 290 ➞ Stand Code 2979.

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