• Description

IMCOINSA DRY AIR ED Series dryers reach an excellent PERFORMANCE even in extreme demanding environmental conditions. The heat exchanger ultra-compact and highly
efficient is able to operate in room temperatures up to 45ºC and inlet temperatures of 55ºC, ensuring minimal pressure drop.
AIR ED dryers are oversized so that their power can coincide with the standard outlet of the compressor. For example, an air compressor 15kW (20 HP) with a theoretical output of 2.400 l/min. to 7 bar coincides with the estimation of AIR ED 25 to 2.500 l/min. Therefore it is not necessary to choose a larger
model with the consequent SAVINGS IN THE INVESTMENT of the installation.
AIR ED dryers include intelligent Control that digitally indicate the Dew Point, controls the condensation drainage valve and condenser fan. The hot gas bypass valve allows the dryer to operate at partial load to avoid possible freezing.


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