Zubizarreta Legacy

Zubizarreta Legacy

Zubizarreta Legacy

A new way to enhance social commitment.



Coinciding with the thirty-sixth anniversary of its foundation, IMCOINSA gives shape to the ZUBIZARRETA Legacy project.

Since its inception, with the concepts of social or business responsibility still incipient, the policies of sustainability, people management, environmental responsibility and social development have been a constant in the business management of the Basque firm.

Ethical values, effort and commitment are essential for all internal management areas of the company, in its relationships with customers, suppliers and with its social environment.

ZUBIZARRETA Legacy is a novel initiative to integrate the social responsibility actions that IMCOINSA develops and the recognition of business management values.

In general, social responsibility initiatives tend to focus their efforts on direct collaboration with organizations in the field of education, culture, poverty eradication, sports, etc.

The novelty of this initiative is to annually grant the ZUBIZARRETA Legacy recognition to any of the industrial distribution and / or construction companies that are part of IMCOINSA's client portfolio and that share their social development commitments and ethical values, the effort and the business management commitment.

On September 14, IMCOINSA had the pleasure of giving its first ZUBIZARRETA Legacy recognition to the company Suministros Industriales HERCO, based in Zaragoza.

With a history of more than fifty years, the company is one of the leaders in the machinery and equipment distribution in Aragon, Spain.

Fernando Zubero, IMCOINSA’s commercial director declared “it has been easy to choose HERCO as an award-winning company because there are many values that we share: the company size and family management, commitment with the people who are part of our organization, ethics in our customers and suppliers’ relationships and, especially, our commitment with the social environment where we carry out our activity "

During the event, Carlos Sánchez, managing director of HERCO, expressed his gratitude on behalf of the entire organization and announced that the € 3,000 money prize that accompanies the ZUBIZARRETA Legacy recognition will be used to promote a wide range of activities that the company regularly promotes in collaboration with associations such as Dya, Dona Médula, Fundación Carlos Sanz, etc.

ZUBIZARRETA Legacy thus becomes a new and powerful driving initiative in the distribution sector for the promotion of social responsibility and ethics in business management.




Recognition at the HERCO facilities in Zaragoza, handing of the sculpture GIZONA (Man in Basque) ZUBIZARRETA special serie, by the artist Aitor Ruiz de Egino.

From left to right:

Fernando Zubero (Commercial Director of Imcoinsa) and on behalf of HERCO Carlos Sanchez (Managing Director, Marisa Franco (Financial Director) and Carlos Ripol (Director of Operations)

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