Our location


The headquarters of IMCOINSA are located in the north of Spain (Basque Country), a region that profits of a solid industrial base.
It is one of the areas with the highest industrial concentration in Spain, and has one of the best valued quality of life levels in all of Europe. The Basque Country industry has consolidated its commitment to efficiency, quality and internationalization. The area where IMCOINSA is based (Bilbao, Basque Country) means a strategic logistics enclave, having excellent connections both by land, air and sea.
Our privileged situation allows us to manage ground shipments to Europe (France, Germany, etc.) in 24-72h and to North Africa in 24-48h. Our facilities are located less than 35 km from the port of Bilbao, being an excellent link with America, Northern Europe, Africa and the East. In addition, our proximity to Bilbao Airport offers us a wide network of international connections.


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Our Facilities


We have large facilities among which we highlight:

Central offices: which host the departments of Commercial & Marketing, Production & Logistics, Administration and General Management.
Logistics warehouse: more than 5,000 m2 to offer an excellent level of service.
A large Showroom in which our entire product range is exhibited.
A complete Training Room available to our Clients and collaborators.

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