Mr. Luis Pérez ZUBIZARRETA was born in 1935 in Durango (Vizcaya), in a humble family of paternal origin in Cariñena (Zaragoza) and maternal in the Orobios neighbourhood, near the municipality of Durango.

He became orphan at the age of 14 and he lived with his five brothers, cousins ​​and uncles who took care of him during his childhood in an environment marked by the postwar period.

Like the vast majority of young people in those difficult years, his childhood was necessarily short. When he was just 14 years old, he finished his brief studies at the Marist school and he started working in different jobs, such as delivery or dispatching at a grocery store.

After several experiences related to the administration and management of companies, he was appointed General Director of SAMUR Compressors. At that moment, the firm became a benchmark in the manufacture and commercialization of compressors for the construction and industrial sectors in the national and Latin American market.

He combined these functions with the promotion of new companies in the real estate and machinery sector, such as URVAPOR, a firm specialized in the manufacture of industrial pressure water cleaning equipment.

In 1985, he decided to start his own business project with the foundation of IMCOINSA, with the aim of offering the construction and industry distribution sector, a wide range of machinery and components with a high level of quality and service.

From the creation of the company, his daughter, María José and his son, Juan, were also part of this project, together with Mr. José Antonio Leaniz and a committed team of collaborators that made this project develop and consolidate.

A family-sized company was consciously planned, capable of offering, both to the people who were part of the organization and to its wide network of clients and suppliers, a direct and close treatment.

Fulfilment of the given word and of the acquired commitments.

In 2012, after more than 25 years as General Director of IMCOINSA, the generational change was planned, with his sons Juan and Fernando and his daughter Maria Jose assuming the collegiate management of the company.

Father of five children and with twelve grandchildren, after this date he dedicated with his inseparable wife María Jesús, to the care and enjoyment of his family and to the promotion of different social, sports, religious and cultural initiatives.

Throughout his career, ethical values, effort and commitment were the guide of his actions both professionally and personally.


Who and Why

The ZUBIZARRETA Legacy awards are based on the recognition and promotion of organizations that stand out for embodying a values’ ​​perspective in the development of their activity.

By affinity, organizations whose activity is developed in the field of machinery distribution and construction and industry equipment are preferably considered.

Potential beneficiaries of this award are those organizations with an efficient management of business ethics defense and promotion and the recognition of effort and commitment values.

Values ​​that are displayed both in the organization’s internal management and in its relationship with customers, suppliers and the social environment.

IMCOINSA offers the selected organization an endowment to use in some of the projects that it develops within its Social Responsibility policy, in the areas of Environment, commitment to the Community, etc.

The ethical values ​​led the way, the effort and the commitment guarantee its achievement.


Selection process

  • The following process is established for the election of the award-winning company:

    • Preliminary selection based on the proposals made by our network of Commercial Agents.
    • Selection of three finalists by IMCOINSA
    • A committee made up of a representative from IMCOINSA, communication media specialized in the sector and the organization awarded the previous year will select the awarded company.

Awarded companies on previous years





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